Rizal Re-Creation Center

is a project of Re-Creation Harvest, Inc. It is located at the foot of Mt. San Cristobal in the quiet town of Rizal, Laguna, 10 km. from San Pablo City, 5 km. from Nagcarlan and 8 km. from Liliw, you will find the 7 hectare property of the Rizal Re-Creation Center. Both Mt. San Cristobal and the famous Mt. Banahaw are impressively visible. The elevation and coconut palm surroundings make for a refreshingly cool change from city living.
Reverend Joe and Ruth Mauk would like to invite you to bring your group and be re-created while experiencing the beauty of God’s creation.


Rev. Joe Mauk

has been using the simple spinning top for more than 30 years to illustrate GOD’s word. From his collection of 200 tops, 10 or 12 are normally used in the presentation. each one giving a clear illustration of Biblical truths. His humor, Bible knowledge and concern for the audience combine to give you an entertaining yet thought-provoking experience you won’t want to miss


The biggest top in the world

At 990 pounds and 10.5 feet tall, this top spins when a 1.5 ton weight rides a cart down rails from 24 feet high. The spinning of this top can only be witnessed at Rizal Re-Creation Center.